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Dry Fog Agglomerative Dust Suppression Systems

DSI dust suppression systems use ultrasonic, air-atomizing nozzles, compressed air and plain water to produce a dry fog (1-10 micron droplet size) that agglomerates to airborne dust particles (particulate matter 10microns or smaller [PM-10 and PM-2.5]). The fog and dust agglomeration increases the weight of the airborne particles at the source, causing the particles to fall back into the process.

Our systems offer the driest form of dust suppression available. We only wet the dust, not the material, resulting in low water consumption and no significant wetting of the product (typically less than 0.05 % by weight).

DSI systems are ideal for transfer points, crushing and screening, feeders, truck dump hoppers, material loading and unloading, and other applications where airborne dust is a nuisance or hazard to your operation and/or neighbouring communities.

Auginish Alumina – Ireland

How droplet size affects agglomeration

Dry Fog on Transfer Points

Dry Fog System on Intake Hopper

Retrofit for Effective Dust Control

Underground Mining Transfer Points


DustTamer™ – Wind Fence Systems

DustTamer™ fabric is specially designed to exert a drag force on oncoming wind velocity and reduce wind speeds up to 75% within the sheltered area. By controlling wind speeds, it is possible to control levels of particulate matter in the air.
This is achieved by DustTamer’s unique porosity which allows air to pass through and equalize the differential pressure inside the wind-sheltered area. When the wind velocity is lowered below the particulate uptake point, over the stored material’s threshold, the particulate is unable to be taken airborne.
This method differs from solid structures which have the potential to worsen the problem. Although a solid wall can help to enclose the area, it creates a lower pressure zone at the dust source, which increases wind velocities and airborne particulate.
Used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with dry fogging, DustTamer provides protection to material stockpiles, truck, rail or loader dump pockets, conveyor transfer points, stacker conveyors and load out silos.

Protect Circular Storage Area

Effect of wind on stockpile

Retrofit to Existing Hoppers

DustTamer – Wind Fence (2)

Stockpile protection by Wind Fence

DustTamer – Wind Fence


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